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The origins

The course of Villa d'Este Golf Club was built in 1926 on the Como hills dominating the lake of Montorfano and in the suggestive and romantic perimeter of more than 30,ooo pinetrees, chestnut-trees and birchtrees, incomparable natural beauty, a corner of Paradise that has been and is one of the destinations of many refined golfers.
In the "Gold Book" of the Club there are prestigious signatures, like King Leopold of Belgium and Queen Liliane De Retby, their son Baldovino, Edward of England, Alfonso XIII of Spain, Costantino of Greece and most of the aristocratic names of Europe, without forgetting the popular names like Clark Gable and Bing Crosby.

In 1925 The Society, owner of the Grand Hotel Villa d'Este di Cernobbio, gave commission to a committee composed by Lord Alberto Bellinzaghi Locatelli, Amerigo Ponti and Guglielmo D'Ombrè to find an area, and to design and build a golf course.

The area was found three months later in Monte Orfano, and the assignment to design and build the course was given to the English architect Peter Gannon; two years later the "Circolo Golf Villa d'Este" entered in the History of the noble game of golf.
The first edition of the Italian International Amateurs Golf Championship was played in 1932, when the victory went to the English player Dewirl over the Italian Crivelli (8-7). The next edition played in Villa d'Este was in 1937 when Luzzato won over Hamilton (6-5); after World War II, the course of Montorfano hosted the "Championship" for the next 17 years. Since 1934, the Italian International Ladies Amateurs Golf Campionship has been held on the Villa d'Este course 39 times. This event was won 12 times by Isa Bevione Goldschmidt, the best player in Italian Ladies golf history.

If sport-wise the history of the club was made by the champions, who recited enthusiastic, dramatic passionate spectacles, the major protagonists of the 73 years of the club are those who gave body and soul for the club, those that helped to make it grow and improve. The Presidents: from Alberto Bellinzaghi Locatelli (1925-1936), Ettore Conti (1936-1946), then Camillo Livi, with 26 years of great mandate (1946-1972), to get to Leopoldo Varasi (1972-1990) who brought his managing experience and love for the game.
The inheritance of President Varasi (died in 1990) was picked up by Roberto Tronchetti Provera, who only a few days after his election had to confront one of the most tragic events of the club's history: the fire of 7 December 1990, which distroyed part of the Club House.


Roberto Tronchetti Prover, with help from all the members of the club, brillantly went through the hard task of reconstruction, he restored the social and sporting life of the club, and brought the club back to the position in the history of the game of golf where the club always belonged. Amongst the secretaries that left a mark in the life of Villa d'Este Golf Club, the first place belongs to Willy D'Ombrè, Secretary from 1950 to 1972. Continuing the tradition of great secretaries of Villa d'Este there is now Gianluigi Orecchioni.

Another record that Villa d'Este holds, is the list of great names of professionals that has been working in the Club. After a long spell with the Englishmen Jim Wilson and W. Horne, founders of the "Golf School" in Montorfano, it was the turn of Giovanni Locatelli, the big Pietro Manca, Ugo Grappasonni, two times winner of the Italian Open, Alfonso Angelini, then Luciano Grappasonni, Mario Napoleoni, Italo Tremolada, Luciano Marsala, Aldo Casera and Carlo Grappasonni. The current teachers are Giancarlo Frigerio, Pietro Molteni and Giovanni Ciprandi, who will continue the tradition of the "Golf School" in the Villa.

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